Primary colours, Secondary colours and Colour Wheel

Prize winning painting by Anurag Ramola (class 9), Dehradun

Children's art exhibition by Khula Aasmaan at IISER Pune

Child artist Bhakti Modale (13 years) talks about her bronze medal winni...

Child artist Neil Guar (9 years) talks about his painting "The Phoenix"

Painting by Ananya Aloke (Gold medal in Khula Aasmaan art contest for Jan to March 2019)

Shri Vitthal painting by Satish Pimpale

The Soul Unity, painting by Nehal Shah has been sold

Glimpses of Mumbai - Flowing Stream, painting by Varsha Shukla

The Seekers 2, painting by Ambika Wahi

Artist Nirmal Pathare takes us on a tour of her paintings at Nehru Centr...

Vinay Sane takes us on a tour of his paintings at Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Hurry, last date for submission is 30th June 2019

Flamingo 01, painting by Madhu Awasthi

Ocean Coral Reef, painting by Amrita Kaur

Earth, heaven and guardians, painting by Vinay Sane

Love always triumphs, painting by Pradip Sarkar

Artist Nirmal Pathare at her art exhibition TRIO at Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Artist Vinay Sane at the art exhibition TRIO at Nehru Centre, Mumbai

Artist Pradip Sarkar with his painting "Music of Love"

Artist Vinay Sane on his art and journey

Artist Nirmal Pathare about her art and journey

Artist Pradip Sarkar about his journey and art

TRIO - art exhibition by three artists at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai from June 18 to 24, 2019

Solace, painting by Varjavan Dastoor