Pencil Drawing by Kiran Jadhav

Wake up Kumbhakarna, painting by Crystal Mittal

Abstract light and dark

Hanuman carries Sanjeevi mountain

Sita and Hanuman ring incident, painting by Armi Soni (15 years)

Moon light scenery, painting by Shrey Jogani (13 years)

Pokemon painting by Advait Sapkal

Water is Life, painting by Amira Jhaveri

The head of the family, painting by Rabia Naaz

View into wild

Vegetable still life painting

CNG Auto-rickshaw, painting by child artist Shreya Madhavan

Protective suit of plague doctors created by Dr. Charles de Lorme

Abstract floral artwork

Painting of a Giant Donut

Aquarium painting is a medal winner in Khula Aasmaan online painting competition