View into wild

Painting by Aiswaria A.K., Trippanachi, Kerala

Title : View into wild

Medium: Acrylic colours on Canvas board
Size: A4
In this painting I have shown deer in the wild. They are wandering, yet sticking by a side of a small path. Generally deer are shown as innocent creatures in the jungle. I have tried to show the life of creatures other than human and the view of the depth of the wild.

About the Artwork

Hello Everyone.
My name is Aiswaria. I am from Kerala. I am 22 years old. I'm studying Master of Commerce in IGNOU University. Basically I started painting during lockdown time. Each time when I paint, I want to create something new and learn painting more. About my artwork, it is an acrylic painting on canvas and titled "View into wild" . In this painting I am creating a view of deers in the wild. I am thankful to Khula Aasman team for the opportunity.  Thank you everyone.

View into wild, painting by Aiswaria
view into wild, painting by Aiswaria