Protective suit of plague doctors created by Dr. Charles de Lorme

Painting of Protective suit 

Protective suit of plague doctors, painting by Viara Pencheva

Artist : Viara Pencheva (12 years), Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Artwork Title : Coronavirus in the past
Medium : Pastels
Size : A3

Artist Statement

I imagined what would have happened if the covid pandemic had occurred a few centuries ago...
At the time, the bubonic plague called the Black Death took millions of lives. The first attempt to confront her was made by Dr. Charles de Lorme in 1619 with his original protective suit. It consisted of a tight wax coat, gloves, a hat with a brim and – its most characteristic feature – a special mask
with a nose resembling a beak of a bird that covered the entire face.
In my artwork, I painted a doctor dressed in the unique suit of Dr. Charles de Lorme, who fights the coronaviruses. I hope you like it.

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