Save Birds and Save Environment

Little bird, painting by Saumya Mittal (5 years), Gurugram, Haryana

Little bird, painting by Shaurya Mittal (5 years), Gurugram, Haryana

Title: Little Bird
Artist : Saumya Mittal, 5 years
Medium : watercolour brush pens on paper
Size : A4
Description of artwork : This artwork has been done with watercolour brush pens on paper. It depicts a little bird perched on a branch among flowers. Birds around us face  lot of threats because of deforestation, loss of their homes and overhead tension wires. We need to take urgent steps to help our little feathery friends and save them. This work urges us to save our environment.

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  1. Beautiful bird in this picture is giving a silent message to save our environment .


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