Art for Hope - International art contest for all age groups

International art contest for all age groups 

Art for Hope - international art contest for all age groups and nationalities by Khula Aasmaan

Art Contest Highlights

  • 24 x 7 Online submission
  • Open for all age groups and all nationalities
  • 5 age groups : Kids : 1 to 5 years, Children : 5 to 15 years, Young Adults : 15 to 30 years, Adults : 30 to 60 years, Senior Citizens : 60 years & above
  • Submit drawings, paintings, cartoons, doodles, sketches, posters, digital art, collage
  • Use any drawing or painting medium of your choice
  • You have the freedom to select your subject or theme
  • Artwork sizes : A5 / A4 / A3 / postcard
  • Each participant will be able to download a Certificate of Participation.

Star Gazing, painting by Divyangana Saha (10 years), Agartala, Tripura - Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan art contest

Shortlist and other benefits

  • A shortlist will be declared from among the art competition entries. All the shortlisted participants will be required to send the original artwork to us.
  • The final round of judging will involve evaluation of all the shortlisted artworks. Based on this evaluation, we will declare medals, honorable mentions and any other prizes as applicable. No medals & honorable mentions will be awarded for the Kids group (Age : 1 to 5 years). Select artworks from this group will be showcased from time to time in special online as well as video presentations. The original artworks which are shortlisted and sent to us will be retained and will become the property of Link Pvt. Ltd.
  • A dedicated web page will be created for all shortlisted participants who send the original artworks. This web page will be maintained for a period of 3 years and will feature all new creations by the shortlisted artist. We will share the procedure which will enable the shortlisted artists to update their web pages with new artworks.
  • An online exhibition of all shortlisted artworks will be hosted on
  • We encourage all shortlisted artists to talk about their art. These audios and the image of the artwork will be promoted actively on our social media channels and pages on facebook, instagram, twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, soundcloud apart from our blog.
  • Access to a rich bank of video and audio content which is being created all the time

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